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Temporary exhibition - Biscarrosse Seaplane Museum

The temporary exhibition of the Biscarrosse Seaplane Museum evolves every two year.

Affiche exposition chasseurs d'images - ville de biscarrosse - Musée de l'Hydraviation

Image hunters: the aeronautic photography

Temporary exhibition from the July the 1st 2021 to January the 2nd 2023 at the Biscarrosse Seaplane Museum


The 2021-2022 temporary exhibition “Image hunters” is dedicated to aeronautic photography. Aviation is a reluctant dream for many people and photography immortalise it. Whether him being an amateur known under the bizarre name of “spotter” or a professional, the aeronautic photographer remains a passionate, and passion is made to be shared!

The Biscarrosse International Seaplane Meeting that is due to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021, remains an unavoidable event and constitutes a great playground, very interesting for image hunters: on the ground or in the air following the path of the seaplanes or the aerial show crafts, the “image hunters” is in ambush. His problem: find the right spot, at the right moment and sometimes benefit from a good amount of luck.

Musée de l’Hydraviation
Musée de l’Hydraviation

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